Frequently Asked Questions


What is “full coverage”?

Full coverage was a term started being used by lenders to make sure you had the proper coverage for the item that you had a loan on. Auto policies consist of, Liability, Comprehensive, Collision, under and uninsured motorist coverage and also can have Emergency Road Service, Rental Car and Medical payments.

What affects my auto rates?

A number of things are tied into how rates are determined. Where you live, how old you are, you’re driving record, type of car you own, how long you have owned it, credit, and insurance tenure.

If someone hits me that does not have insurance what do I do? That is a horrible thing to have happen, but it does. One of two things will pay out on your own policy. If you have collision coverage the damage will be paid out under that endorsement and you will be subject to your deductible. If you only have liability, you will want to make sure that you have uninsured motor vehicle property damage, most the time this comes in 15k or 25k increments and have a $250 dollar deductible.

How does rental car coverage work?

Rental car coverage only comes into play when you have a comprehensive or collision claim. This is not for usage from a mechanical item.

Do I have emergency road service? 

This is an endorsement that your agent will need to add to your policy. This will cover a tow to either the closest place of service or a designated amount of miles. Also applies if you run out of gas, lock your keys in your car, need a “jump start”, or get a flat tire.

Am I covered to drive my friend’s car?

As long as you have been given permission to drive from the owner of the car, you will be covered if anything were to happen. Now, if your friend does not have insurance, you as the driver, could receive a no insurance ticket.

Do I need to list my teenage driver?

Yes, if you have a child of driving age with a drivers license, you will need to list them in the household.

Does the color of the car effect the premium?

That is a myth, premium is decided on the type of features of that particular car and the items listed above.

I got a speeding ticket, how long does that effect my rates?

Tickets and accidents can affect your auto rates for 3 years.

My child gets good grades, do they get a discount? Yes, most carriers if your student carries a B average or above can qualify for a “good student” discount.

What does renter’s insurance cover?

Renter’s Insurance covers your personal belongings, liability, and loss of use. Other endorsements can be added. Contact us today to discuss this important coverage!


Does your purchase price of your home matter?

No, you want to have coverage to be able to replace your home, not what you purchased it for.

Do rural homes cost more to insurance?

This can be true, one of the factors of rating is how close you are to a responding fire dept.

What goes into premium pricing? Age of home (roof, wiring, plumbing), where it is located, size, style, shape, building materials, individual credit, claims history.

Should I take pictures of the items I own?

That is not required, but if you have some nicer items that may be rare, please do so if anything happens we can have documentation. 


How are trailers covered?

Trailers are covered by the policy of the vehicle pulling it. A trailer will need to have a policy for comprehensive and collision coverage. 

Am I covered without a policy?

Four-wheelers, side-by-sides and golf carts, are only covered by personal property of your home owners policy while they are on your property, if you were to remove them you will need to had them to your homeowners as an endorsement or write a separate policy.

My neighbors tree falls my (house, car, fence, etc) does their policy pay for the damage?

No, whatever the tree falls on, the policy of that item is what will pay for the damage.  

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