Does your child need life insurance?

As a life insurance producer, one of the toughest topics to broach is children’s life insurance.  Though it may make customers uncomfortable at first, children’s life insurance gives children a financial advantage at a young age.

2 key things to keep in mind:


  • CASH Value

Adults who are familiar with the benefits of whole life insurance have an understanding of a policy’s cash value.  The same holds true with children’s whole life insurance. As the child grows, a nominal premium is paid into a plan which gains cash value over time. The child can draw on this cash value as an adult, giving him or her a clear financial advantage at a young age.


Though it is hard for parents to imagine when a child is young, there are certain health complications and careers choices that can make it difficult to be approved for life insurance later in life. By locking in a children’s life insurance policy when their children are young, parents can rest assured that their children will have guaranteed, lifelong coverage.

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