Reasons to Get a Quote Once a Year

Here at ISS Insurance Group, we suggest that you evaluate your insurance policies every year.

1. Compare your rates – for free!

The number one reason that you should compare rates is that you are not charged, it doesn’t hurt your credit, and you under no obligation to purchase the issued quotes.   We happily will research your insurance needs and we will make sure that this process entails very little of your time. Once we have a limited amount of information, one of our independent agents can provide you with several different policy options. The benefit from having an independent agent run your quote would simply be the varying insurance companies. For example, one company might give a larger discount for your occupation and another would put more emphasis on your credit score. Our independent agents are knowledgeable of the many differing factors that will contribute to offering each individual the most efficient policy.

2. Stay up to date.

Another reason to receive routine quotes is that the insurance business is very competitive and is reinventing itself all the time. Insurance companies are continually introducing new plans or discount options that could save you money. Having your insurance evaluated can not only save you hundreds of dollars a year, but it also makes sure that you are completely covered. There are certain variables that dictate the amount of coverage you need. The changes in your own life affect you insurance needs. They could be changes in income, address, or to your home or vehicle. In any instance, our independent agents are knowledgeable regarding these new changes and can determine the adequacy of your coverage. The only way to make sure that you are getting the best possible insurance policy is to be given regular quotes.

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