How to Document Home Inventory

The best way to correctly sort your home inventory is to separate your items by price. Make sure you especially add everything that is $2500 and above such as jewelry, guns, and cameras. If you have many items in that price range you may want to look into a personal article policy within your homeowner’s policy. There is different information needed for different items, such as jewelry. For jewelry, you will need to either go get it appraised and bring in the appraisal papers that will include dimensions of a diamond and a monetary value of each item, or if it is a newer purchase within the last two years, you can bring in the original documents of the purchase and purchase price and we can get it added in that way. For guns, we will need the make, model, and serial number.

For the rest of the house, we recommend taking pictures of each room, and include close ups of your more expensive items that aren’t listed on your personal article policy and send it to us. This will help out if a loss is to occur such as a fire or a theft. That way we will have pictures of what you had and it will help during any claim process.

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