New Illinois Phone Law Behind the Wheel

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed the new law to take effect today, July 1st – and it is not just aimed at those who text behind the wheel. With the new restrictions, something as simple as changing the song on your phone at a stop sign, or using a GPS, could land you a hefty fine.

In the past, a first time offense for distracted driving would cost you $75 and would not go on your record. But now, a first offense could cost you nearly $160 and will remain on your record. Meaning the fine more than doubled. After three violations, a judge could suspend you driver’s license.

The ban is not limited to cellphones. It includes any electronic communication device, including hand-held personal digital assistant devices, tablets or laptop computers, etc. Exceptions are if you’re reporting an emergency or if you’re parked on the shoulder of a road.

This law was established to encourage safe driving always. Please stay safe and use your electronic devices later.

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